Cleaning and lubrication of the sewing machine

What to do when the machine is loud when sewing is blocked and rebels?


Cleaning and oiling is a necessary activity to ensure a long-term good operation of the machine and to make the sewing light and pleasant.

How often to clean and oil the machine?

It depends on how often and what we sew.

For example, when I sew jeans bags, my machine needs cleaning after each sewing. However, other materials, such as thinner or heavier twisted, less clutter the machine.

It’s worth getting a cleaning habit after a few sewing sessions, eg every weekend. Or every other weekend. It depends on how often you sew. The rest of the machine can often be seen when it needs cleaning, because there is lint around the bobbin with the lower thread.

Oiling can be a less frequent activity – when you feel that the machine is sewing louder than usual, that it is slightly “tapping” when sewing – then oil it. Or also get a habit, for example, once a month oil your machine.

How to clean and oil the machine?

The term “cleaning of a sewing machine” refers to the removal of dust and lint from the space where the lower thread operates. It takes a few minutes.


1. Preparation of the machine

1A disconnect the machine from the power supply

1B Pull the needles to the highest position

1C Pull out the lower drawer and open the “bottom” of the lower thread

1D Pull out the lower bobbin case

1E Turn two plastic fasteners outward

1F Pull out two metal parts: ring and hook

Using a screwdriver, unscrew two screws in the corners of the needle plate (this metal plate under the foot and needle). Pull out the stitch plate


2. Removal of dirt

We take a brush – we can use the brush included in the set with a sewing machine or a paint brush (the best ones are those with a circular cross-section, a diameter of a few minimometers).

With a brush, we remove dust and lint from the exposed area. The deeper we reach for the brush, the better.

3. Oiling

We take a pipette with oil (included in the set with the machine or to buy in trimmings) and apply one drop each to the places marked with arrows. In total, we place 2 oil droplets for oiling.



4. We put all dismantled parts back (in the reverse order of those mentioned in point 1). Pay special attention to the fitting of the hook and ring.

5. Take a piece of cloth and sew it because the machine after the oiling is dirty. Sew until the thread is clean on both sides.

These few minutes of machine routine will allow you to sew quickly and without stress, and your friendship with the machine will be long and fruitful 🙂

PS. When your machine is already beautifully cleaned and oiled, but it still cracks, rebels and blocks – it’s worth getting acquainted with the rules for adjusting the thread tension in the sewing machine


There is one more place in the machine, which in my opinion is worth cleaning – the space around the run of the upper thread. Operating instructions for sewing machines do not mention this, but there are lumps every now and then.

To clean the area of ​​the upper thread run, unscrew the two screws in the front cover – this piece of plastic from the top left (above the needle and the lamp). The screws are on the side and from the rear. When screwing in and screwing in, I help myself with a screwdriver (probably one of the men in your home will have this tool – I take it from the boy). You can also use a screwdriver, preferably a crosshead screwdriver.

Unscrew the screws, gently pull off the front cover and reveal to us the nice mechanisms of the machine 🙂 With a brush, gently clean them of flocks. Carefully put on the front cover and screw in the screws. FINISHED!



Duration of this treatment: from 3 to 15 minutes (depending on the efficiency in unscrewing the screws)

This procedure should not be done often, I advise you to do not reveal the front cover more than once every six months. If you have concerns about starting your machine – ask for help someone who knows how to use a screwdriver and do DIY, or completely skip this step.

Have a nice sewing!


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    • Hi Alex, i’ve just been started blogging, but I’ve been sewing since my childhood and i’ve been teaching it from few years. Thanks you for nice words 🙂 I hope you will visit my blog often and will be happy with every time ! 😉


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