9 tutorials how to sew a pencil case

3 inspirational sites on the web and 9 tutorials on how to make a homemade pencil case.

The ability to sew allows us to make homemade gifts – both small gifts and large, valuable gifts. It’s a great way to make our loved ones happy, express their own creativity and save money.

Pencil case, cosmetic bag, pouch …

no matter what name we take, this is one of the simplest sewing themes and you can take it at the beginning of sewing. On the other hand, it allows a lot of freedom: adding various types of accessories, applications, embroidery, ruffles, playing with form and format, etc. The owner of such a trifle can be anyone – women and men, children and adults, and everything can be kept there – crayons, cosmetics , coins, phone, tablet, bills and cards

Below are 9 examples of tutorials and ideas for a pencil case. They come from three inspirational pages dedicated to sewing, with lots of tutorials, knowledge and inspiration.

mozaika piorniki

Pencil boxes from the first row of the above mosaic come from the Noodlehead blog

1. Simple, with a deepened bottom
2. Crinkled with pockets inside
3. With a decorative application

The middle row of mosaics are ideas made on the blog A spoonful of sugar

4. Flat pencil case

5. Pyramid-shaped

6. Triangular

Pencil boxes from the lower row come from See Kate sew

7. Paper case

8. With a bow

9. With a bow 2

9 tutorials, how to sew a gift is a series of posts published once a month, each entry concerns a different idea for a gift, such as how to sew a pencil case, a toy for a child, or a purse. Next month, another post with tutorials and inspirations!

Have a nice sewing!

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