How to fold Burda pattern sheets

Do you want to sew Burda clothes and you have no idea how to use a gray insert with patterns? Do not worry, it’s simpler than you think!

arkusz burda

Hi! Today, a few words about how to use a sheet of Burda patterns.

If you have been sewing recently and bought your first Burda or are planning to buy it – you may be embarrassed about what to do with the gray insert inside the newspaper from which the desired pattern is cut out.

It is important to correctly fold and unfold the sheet, because only then will it keep the right dimensions to be able to put it back inside the newspaper and keep it in good condition for longer.

The sheet is two-sided and consists of four parts – A, B, C and D. Each page is divided in half and on one side are parts A and B, on the other C and D.

The first distribution is not a problem, because we usually just grab one edge and shake it until it unfolds. The problem starts when the sheet needs to be folded. But the principle is very simple!

We fold the edges from the outside to the inside. The bending lines show us which side to place the individual edges. At the same time, we bend the two outer long edges inwards, then the next two, the third time we fold in half, to obtain one “strip”.


Then we fold the belt from outside to inside.


A short animation and video for you, what the game looks like:

You do not always have to spread the sheet completely. Only hooks on one side, for example part A, the material should be spread halfway:

Have a nice sewing!

Do you still have any problems with the Burda sheet? At the beginning there may be a lot of them. Do not worry, I can help you, just let me know in the comment.

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